Enhancing Intel Employee Productivity

Intel is evolving into a company that powers the data center and billions of smart, connected devices. Intel’s employees rely on Information Technology (IT) solutions to get work done, making employee productivity a core job in IT. Employee productivity drives an increase in work quality and efficiency. Our goal is to achieve these outcomes by:

  1. Optimizing for user and business outcomes, workflows, and desired experiences
  2. Providing easy-to-use and intuitive end-user solutions that require minimal support
  3. Making the right applications available anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  4. Ensuring that all solutions are integrated and seamlessly work with each other end-to-end

Optimizing for User and Business Outcomes

The analogy I use most often is about taking a picture, which is the outcome for the picture-taker. They mostly care about the composition, the colors, the framing, the focus, and so on. The camera is simply a tool. At Intel IT, this shift in mindset is enabling us to identify and prioritize experiences—like needing a new or different device; planning and tracking execution; or finding, sharing, and managing information—in order to design and deploy our technology solutions.

Intel employees spend almost a billion minutes in meetings every year, an area ripe for increased productivity using effective collaboration and wire-free content sharing. Intel IT’s deployment of the Intel Unite® solution has allowed the sharing and annotating of content seamlessly in more than 4,000 conference rooms worldwide. We estimate that this has increased productivity by more than 50,000 employee hours in 2016.

Easy-to-use and Intuitive End-user Solutions

Today’s technology consumers have come to expect and demand ease-of-use. Intel IT’s goal is to, therefore, provide consumer-like experiences in the enterprise. All technology complexity must be invisible to the user of the solution.

At Intel IT, we know that one size does not fit all and users’ needs vary based on the work that they do. We have created a portfolio with multiple personas to support our user experience goals and have seen an increase in employee satisfaction levels.

Another key objective is to accelerate the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions wherever appropriate. Intel’s sales, marketing, and supply chain value stream functions are leading the charge, driving increased business value as well as making it easy for Intel’s customers to do business with us.

The Right Applications Available Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

Intel employees use multiple devices, are located in many different time zones around the world, and often are away from their desks. Therefore, a key tenet of productivity is the ability to get their work done how and when they want to do it, securely.

In addition to increasing the SaaS footprint, we are delivering the right platforms and modernized infrastructure capabilities to enable these applications—based on technical and business strategy—to provide the right balance of cost, flexibility, usability, and capability.

Because this approach requires coordination across multiple facets of the IT organization, we have established a Center of Excellence that focuses on cloud, services, and mobility issues, with the following goals:

  • Driving cloud adoption with professional brokerage services, consulting, and job aids
  • Accelerating the development, delivery, and reuse of service APIs
  • Driving mobile-first design patterns and best practices

Integrated Solutions that Seamlessly Work with Each Other

Increased understanding of user workflows, as well as the establishment of personas, has enabled a significantly improved end-to-end comprehension of the customer journey. In addition, we are in the process of evolving our operating model to eliminate pockets of inefficiency and isolation.

Learn More about IT’s Journey

We continue to identify new and innovative ways for Intel IT to increase employee productivity for the more than 100,000 Intel employees worldwide. For more information about how Intel IT is creating business value at Intel, read our recently published 2016‒2017 Intel IT Annual Performance Report, “Accelerating the Pace of Business through IT Innovation.”

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