Enterprise Mobile Technology Transformation

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Enterprise Mobility

At some point, what was hype becomes what is real. Today, the biggest example of that is the business transformation

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brought on by mobile devices. With mobile data traffic set to increase elevenfold by 2018,  it’s already happening. The hard part is figuring out when to jump in.

When confronted with big opportunities and trends, we often evaluate the problems, risks, and solutions from every angle. There aren’t always blueprints or best practices in place, and the risks of being a pioneer can be daunting—especially when business success is at risk.

Yet change happens quickly. Suddenly others around you have solved some of the challenges, made strides in creating new solutions. And if you want to ensure that your company doesn’t fall behind, timing is critical. 

Five Reasons To Act Now

When it comes to mobile transformation in the enterprise, new solutions and best practices are emerging every day, and I believe the time to act is now. Here are my top five reasons: 


1. Device innovation. Yesterday’s devices are not going to cut it. With Mobile World Congress* 2014 behind us, it’s clear that device innovation is bringing new opportunities and business implications. This recent article showcases 99 devices and services that smart phones will replace. As IT professionals, we need to think proactively about which devices and apps to support, and how we’ll deploy and manage corporate apps and data on those devices. Even more important is the aspect of managing security policies in this new landscape.

2. Embracing the Android* operating system growth. The Android operating system is gaining traction in the enterprise, and IT developers should take notice. Intel IT recently added Android-based devices into the Intel BYOD program, including more than 20K devices and over 800 combinations of OS versions and hardware, using the same best practices they use for other devices.

3. Services innovation. With $1.6 trillion of mobile innovation expected in the next decade, not only are new devices and operating systems emerging, but enterprise services, apps, network providers, and others are innovating for a new era of mobility. Instead of proactively waiting for these solutions to be designed for your business, IT organizations should be engaging hardware and software vendors with clear requirements on new products and services that can both improve business and integrate securely with existing solutions.

4. Cross-platform development. When implemented, the capabilities above will add complexity for IT and flexibility for business users. As a result, managing multiple devices on multiple platforms will require a new enterprise approach to software. Recently, 82 percent of mobile developers said HTML5 will be important for their jobs. By using cross-platform solutions like HTML5, developers can write once and create a solution that works enterprise-wide, on most any device, with stronger security for the mobile and social enterprise. There is also some buzz that HTML5 is trumping iOS among app developers in emerging mobile markets.

5. Internet of Things. The average user carries 2.1 devices today for work, but with wearables and embedded devices emerging on the market, this number is likely to grow quickly with the Internet of Things. As embedded sensors and wearables make their way into the enterprise, IT organizations will need to partner with business leaders to figure out how to best use this next wave of data sets for strategic business advantage—embracing and relying on cloud technology, analytics solutions, and mobile security technology to extract meaningful and useful information. 

To be successful, businesses need to stay agile and open to these new innovations—without waiting. With flexible solutions in place and the right level of preparation, you can better meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment. I invite you to read the Enterprise Mobility Planning guide and visit the Intel® IT Center for resources, insights, and best practices to help you embrace and accelerate your mobile technology transformation.

Which aspects of enterprise mobility are top priorities for you? Which areas are causing the most pain or challenges?

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