Ever Wonder How Intel Does IT?

Information Technology, that is.  Like many IT organizations these days, Intel IT is under considerable pressure to perform. Supporting the world's largest semi-conductor manufacturing business and operating a top 25 supply chain (#18 actually), means we never get to rest, and little time to reflect on what we have done, we are always asking ourselves what's next. 

Does this sound familiar?   The demands on IT organizations are constantly changing and the expectations for business agility, flexibility and growth can sometimes be in direct conflict with approaches needed to improved business efficiency, control costs and secure information.

Achieving this balance can be complex and with the speed of business today, IT organizations can not afford miss-steps or re-try's.  Our organization and IT subject matter experts continuously engage with many fellow IT professionals each year to share challenges, discuss best known methods, lessons learned as well as the tools of our trade.  Finding and following these IT best practices for creating business value can speed up the pace of innovation and the time to realized value inside your organization.

On December 1st 2010, Intel Premier IT Professionals invite you to attend an online IT best practices event featuring Intel CIO Diane Bryant and Intel IT experts speaking on how we are balancing these challenges with emerging client technologies, new server virtualization strategies, deploying Windows® 7 and more. Register today.

Some of the topics and speakers that will be covered include:

  • A CIO's View Into 2011 by Diane Bryant, Intel CIO
  • Making IT a Strategic Value by Ron Miller, Business Relationship Manager, Intel IT
  • Next-Generation Client Technologies by Dave Buchholz, Principal Engineer, IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, Intel IT
  • Energy-Efficient Data Centers by Brad Ellison, Manager of Global Infrastructure's Global Data Centers, Intel IT
  • Transitioning to Microsoft® Windows® 7 by Ron Miller, Business Relationship Manager, Intel IT

If you miss the session, you can always connect here with a comment or start a discussion or visit the IT @ Intel website to learn more and explore our latest content, tools, resources and perspectives on the business value of IT at www.intel.com/IT

Chris Peters, Intel IT