Evolving Enterprise Social Computing – the Intel IT story

Today as I read a Harvard Business Review article on the value of social media, I found myself agreeing with the six principles offered by the author that center around faciliating and stimulating mass collaboration in support of business goals.

Social computing is no longer a nice to have capability, but rather a core business tool - this is what we have found to be true at Intel.

Recently, as the Intel IT team looked back on our key investments that created business value for Intel in 2011, our journey with social media made the cut for the 2011-2012 IT Performance Report under the Employee Productivity section (pg 8).

Intel IT started embracing social media for both internal (employee to employee) and external (employee to industry and customers) usage models back in 2005 and gradually expanded our solutions over time.

Embracing Social Media At Intel.jpg

At first, our internal solutions were basic one-size-fits-all solutions, offered as nice to have optional service to help employees connect with each other more socially than for any targeted business reason. However, over time, we have continued to expand our solution offering to include a broader mix of capabilities including enterprise wide global collaboration tools, corporate wide communication forums, technical support communities, and line of business specific solutions. Today, most Intel users of our social media and collaboration tools, state they support core business objectives.

During this time, we have had to adapt our platform and business processes to accomodate social media - looking differently at enterprise security and mobile platform usage inside our organization.  Some useful insights and IT best practices can be found below:

I hope you find these resources helpful.  I invite you to share your experiences, best practices and insights with enterprise social computing below.

Chris (@chris_p_intel)