Expedite Your Time to Decisioning

By Michael Ingraham, Principal Business Solutions Manager at SAS Institute, Inc.


Organizations are increasingly focused on realizing business value from analytics. However, organizations often struggle to effectively make use of analytics. How can you help your organization to gain insight and find hidden opportunities, inside oceans of data? How can your organization prepare for growth of data as computing moves toward the Internet of Things model? How can your company grow analytic knowhow and capabilities to peer into the future and make the best choice for how to progress? This blog outlines SAS capabilities and resources to aid you in addressing these questions to get to more effective and efficient decisions.


Analytics in Action Framework


SAS uses the Analytics in Action framework to represent all aspects of analytic value generation; bringing together Data, Discovery and Deployment. This framework seamlessly integrates the three fundamental components of analytic value: data – it makes it readily available, quickly and easily, no matter its size or structure; discovery – is enabled by the right analytics for the right problems, with all the limitless inventiveness and creativity that comes with it; and finally, deployment – making sure the analysis can be repeated reliably, distributed, and operationalized.


Evaluate Your Needs with SAS Business Analytics Modernization Assessment Workshops


The SAS Business Analytics Modernization Assessment (BAMA) workshop aims to understand your current business analytics challenges and your future objectives, priorities, and strategies. BAMA is a two to three-day review with line of business and IT stakeholders of the key aspects of Analytics in Action plus processes, tools, skills, and infrastructure. At the conclusion we deliver a roadmap designed to pragmatically improve and augment your business analytics.


The over one hundred or so BAMA workshops we’ve completed in the last few years have also shown that IT modernization is critical for business analytics readiness. Therefore, SAS works closely with Intel to share customer requirements that influence future chip designs. The Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v4 product family is the latest example of this collaboration. Among other benefits, the new CPU delivers 33% more computing capacity, double the memory addressability to load larger datasets for in-memory analysis, better error recovery improving availability, and higher virtualization performance – all of these are fundamental characteristics of SAS usage, for example: our machine learning algorithms where “big” tables and increasing model iterations patently improve the results, or the enriched discovery potential of loading larger datasets for our in‑memory capabilities.


Help Make Your Bosses Believers with The Analytics Fast Track™ for SAS®


The Analytics Fast Track™ for SAS® (AFT) lowers your initial analytics investment and allows for the rapid deployment of new solutions so you can start prototyping and improving your analytics capabilities right away. Simply plug‑in, add your data, and start using. This will allow you to begin exploiting new SAS analytics in days, not months, and empower you to focus on your use cases and realizing business value. With these proof points which support the ROI, you can build a solid business case and obtain the budget for the comprehensive SAS environment your organization needs.


The Analytics Fast Track™ for SAS®


Intel® Based Server – Base configuration

  • 4 x Intel® Xeon® E7 Processors
  • 3 TB DDR4 Memory
  • 8TB Intel® NVMe SSD (PCIe)
  • 12TB Intel® SSD (SATA)
  • 4 x 10 GbE – Intel® Ethernet


SAS® Business Analytics


SAS Analytics, SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS High Performance Solutions (Grid Manager, In‑memory Analytics, In‑database Analytics, Event Stream Processing), SAS Data Management, SAS Text Analytics, Integration with local Hadoop cluster.


Keep Pace with Modernization with SAS® Viya™


SAS® Viya™, available to customers in the summer of 2016, is the next generation open architecture from SAS that can conquer any analytics challenge – from experimental to mission-critical. SAS® Viya™ is a cloud and in-memory capable environment with capabilities to serve data scientists, business analysts, application developers and executives. It is inherently designed to be a reliable, scalable and secure analytics management and governance platform essential for agile IT and has been developed with the latest hardware advances from partners, like Intel, in mind.


The Core Pillars of SAS Viya


  • UNIFIED – a single, managed environment for the complete analytics lifecycle
  • OPEN – leverage the power of SAS – whether that’s SAS or other languages, like Python, LUA and JAVA. Application developers can also call SAS APIs.
  • SIMPLE – self-service
  • CLOUD READY – elastic and scalable


The combination of modern SAS high performance computing capabilities mated to modern Intel high performance hardware is the perfect confluence for customers. SAS and Intel are making it possible for you to extract much more value from your data and expedite your time to fact based decisions.