Facebook & Open Compute Summit

I just got my latest upate on the agenda for Open Compute Summit from the Open Compute Project (OCP) and I really look forward to the event! The event will be in New York City next week. The agenda looks great with technical workshops on storage, open rack, virtual I/O, systems management, and data center Design.

The last Open Compute Project Summit was a huge success. Specifically, I recall the presentations on the platform design. I was enlightened by the next level detail on the “Vanity Free” engineering (I think I have quoted the weight-reduction statistic, saving six pound, on their servers multiple times – why shouldn’t designs be minimalist?).

I am so excited for the event that now I am struggling to choose between the Storage (Big Data is one of the Big Challenges), System Management, and Datacenter Design. I guess I'll have to flip that proverbial three sided coin.

I plan to write one or two blogs on the most interesting take-aways from the meeting, so stay tuned!