Facebook & Open Data Center Alliance: What’s not to love? Or should I say “Like”?

We had some big news this week from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) and the Open Compute Project (OCP) - two industry heavy weights that share a common goal to accelerate highly efficient DC environments and open systems management. The two organizations will work together to define open specifications for server, storage and data center infrastructure that in turn will drive more efficient web-scale and enterprise infrastructure.

This collaboration is truly a winning combination for cloud providers, cloud subscribers, and OEMs. The Open Data Center Alliance recently published a series of usage models that outline critical IT requirements for cloud computing. The Open Compute Project, meanwhile, recently published a series of specifications for efficient motherboard, server, and data center design for mega scale environments. The joint work by the two organizations will enable input of the Alliance’s requirements into Open Compute’s specifications and will also enable ODCA innovation on top of OCP specifications to extend to broader enterprise and service provider IT.

At Intel, we support the Open Compute Project, an organization formed by Facebook. We see it as a way to encourage industry innovation by openly sharing specifications and best practices for high-efficiency board, system, storage, rack, and data center design elements. These specifications represent ingredients and not complete solutions and we will work closely with our OEM partners to deliver those solutions. They will then deliver the full support, validation, supply chain and enterprise capabilities to make new generations of technology ready for use in a wide range of data centers.

To sum it up, I like this take from Services Angle:  “This is a big win for ODCA members. The people at Facebook now become peers with ODCA members. That means a level of respect and a comfortable environment to interact and learn about how to manage significant data loads.”

The collaboration shines a spotlight on the momentum of the fast-growing Open Data Center Alliance, a consortium of top global businesses brought together by Intel. The organization now encompasses more than 300 industry leading enterprise and service provider IT end users who’ve come together to chart the requirements for next generation DC and cloud infrastructure.  This is yet another substantial industry collaboration that will enable real change and positive progress for standards in the cloud.

What’s not to love here? This collaboration is good news all the way around!  I am getting on Facebook right now to signal my “Like” of this announcement!

To read the ODCA’s news release on its strategic collaboration with the Open Compute Project, visit www.opendatacenteralliance.org.

Raejeanne Skillern is director of cloud computing marketing for Intel. Follow her on Twitter @RaejeanneS