Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Consumerization and the PC Refresh Cycle

When employees are armed with the right technology, it changes everything. For the business, this can mean increased productivity, stronger efficiencies, and reduced costs. For the employee, it can mean greater job satisfaction, higher morale, and, well, less of a chance they’ll leave your company. 

So many devices, so little time

When you can offer innovative technology choices to employees, you can deliver a better experience while maintaining the standards needed for cost-efficiency across your business—including performance, security, and compliance (no small thing).

And there’s no magic bullet. Different roles in the organization require different solutions, from laptops and tablets to two-in-one Ultrabook™ devices and desktop PCs. In fact, in an effort to help IT managers navigate the many options, we recently published a device selection guide.

Getting a fresh start

There’s another important angle to this. With consumerization pushing the environment forward, businesses can satisfy educated, tech-savvy users by refreshing corporate-provided PCs. I just had the opportunity to participate in an Intel® IT Center webcast on PC refresh,  and it got me thinking about some valid points:

  • There’s a “mobile mismatch” at work – Intel market research data shows that while most workers are no longer sitting in one place, desktops are the predominant install base. Today, our jobs demand us to be away from our desks to collaborate with people.
  • Slow and steady won’t win the race – Aging PCs are bringing us down with higher costs to the business in IT support and maintenance; less productive employees; and ultimately, greater demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
  • Security, security, security – It’s no secret that older hardware platforms and technology are more susceptible to attack. The catch is that users are forgoing old technology for their own devices, therefore amplifying risk with potentially unsecured devices.

By taking a proactive approach to PC refresh—listening to and understanding your users and business needs—we can improve productivity and security while containing and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Where does your organization stand on PC refresh? What devices are at the top of your list for 2013?

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