Fire up Your Small Business’s Productivity with the Intel® Business App Portfolio

There has never been a better time for small businesses to take advantage of advances in mobile technology in order to grow and compete. Many technologies that were previously accessible only to companies with enterprise-size budgets are now available at prices small businesses can afford. Companies that are leveraging emerging mobile technology like tablets and 2 in 1s have a better chance of staying ahead of competitors that are lagging behind in tech adoption, and can help themselves level the playing field with larger organizations.


In recent years, mobility has become synonymous with productivity, and businesses are adapting to the new opportunities a decentralized, cloud-based workforce creates. Forward-thinking companies looking for ways to tap into these advances in technology need fast, reliable devices in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they represent.

Intel-powered tablets and 2 in 1s are robust computing platforms that enable productivity almost anywhere. Mobile devices are no longer just great for communication and content consumption — the newest generation of tablets and 2 in 1s support full productivity software suites and other apps that give businesses the tools they need to support their mobile workforce.

Now, with the purchase of select Intel-powered devices running either Android or Windows operating systems, companies can take advantage of the Intel Business App Portfolio (a bundle of industry-leading mobile apps valued up to USD $250) for free. From cloud storage to document scanning and videoconferencing, these apps were developed specifically to boost productivity and connectivity in and out of the office.

Industry-Leading Apps for Maximum Productivity

The Intel Business App Portfolio has small businesses covered in a number of key areas. The suite includes apps for cloud storage, remote desktop access, translation, document scanning, videoconferencing, note taking, security, and more. Intel-powered devices coupled with the Intel Business App Portfolio give small businesses the edge they need to stay nimble and move quickly in tough markets.

For more information on which Intel-powered devices are eligible for the Intel Business App Portfolio offers, click here.