First stages of set up and playing around with Intel Galileo V1

I got my Intel Galileo a few months ago but as I am involved in maaaaany projects I haven't had much to time to play around with it. The time that I have spent on the board I really enjoyed and this is also my first ever encounter with type of development.

One of my main interest with the board initially was to connect the board to retrieve data from an existing Web Rest API I have built. I got an SD card and booted the larger image of Linux and  then connected to my API using Ethernet and dynamic IP.

I successfully managed to retrieve a simple json string back from my web server which you can see in the attached images. Once the large image was booted I was able to login in via SSH using Putty one Windows 8, update the boards root password and modify the settings to allow for a static IP. Once I had completed the process and restarted everything, all was functioning fine but this time the Serial Monitor was showing errors on client.connect(server,80). Hoping to have this issue fixed soon as this function will play a major role in my future projects, I'm currently getting assistance through the forums here.