Five Reasons to Visit the Intel Booth (#1315) at SC14

I look forward to seeing many of my colleagues at SC14 in New Orleans.  And, if catching up with me isn’t enough reason to come to the Intel booth -  - here are an official “Five Reasons to Visit the Intel Booth” (#1315) at SC14.

1. Amazing demos: I mean, look – it’s all here in one place. Come see what’s possible when Intel’s technical computing product portfolio is used to optimize real-world applications and enable new workflows.

See how DownUnder GeoSolutions is advancing energy exploration while minimizing exploration costs and maximizing oil recovery. See a scaled cluster simulation of DownUnder GeoSolutions’ deployment of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, and discover what’s possible when Intel’s full technical computing product portfolio is put to work to accelerate their workflows.

We also have several other demos that cover a breadth of industries, including:

  • Enabling Precision Medicine: Ayasdi
  • Predicting Climate Change: GEOS-5/NASA, University of Tennessee
  • Accelerating Aerospace Design: Onera—The French Aerospace Lab
  • Ensuring a Clean Groundwater Supply: Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

2. Thought-provoking discussions at the Intel Community Hub: In the spirit of celebrating Intel’s thriving collaboration with the global HPC community, we will have a designated location within Intel’s booth to encourage and foster open community discussion.

The Intel Community Hub (Booth #1315) will be a gathering place for community discussion, sharing experiences, and fostering dialogue with Intel experts and community leaders on various topics including:

  • Processors
  • Visualization
  • Fabric
  • Code modernization
  • Software
  • Data Intensive HPC
  • Software Tools

Additionally, scientists and researchers from the Intel Parallel Computing Centers (IPCC) program will be leading various discussion groups in the Community Hub, covering efforts related to code modernization across numerous industries and applications. Don’t miss the discussion groups with IPCC partners, including Georgia Tech, LBNL, PNNL, NCAR, TACC, TU Munich, and others.

The Intel Community Hub will be the gathering place for anyone in the community wanting to meet and talk with subject matter experts in a friendly, comfortable, and stimulating environment.

3. Enlightening presentations: Check out the ongoing schedule of 12-minute presentations by more than 55 experts from the HPC community, including labs and universities from around the world, technology partners, and industries. Key highlights of Intel theater presentations include:

  • Ajay Athavale CLC bio
  • Dr. Michael Bader TU Munchen
  • Jack Dongarra University of Tennessee
  • Wolfgang Gentzsch UberCloud
  • Dr. Eng Lim Goh CTO, SGI
  • Richard Loft NCAR
  • Niko Neufeld LHCb, CERN
  • Mick Pont NAG
  • Naoya Tamura GM, Global HPC, Fujitsu
  • Dr. Eldon Walker Cleveland Clinic
  • Bret Weber VP and CTO, DDN

4. Luminaries, thought leaders, authors: In addition to the many industry luminaries and thought leaders you’ll find spending time at Intel’s booth, we are also proud to be hosting a book-signing event for the newly released High Performance Parallelism Pearls with the authors and editors. This takes place on Thursday, November 20 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM in the Intel Community Hub. Pick up your copy of the book during the week and bring it to Intel’s booth on Thursday at noon to get it signed.

5. The Parallel Universe Computing Challenge: Just look for me. That guy in the yellow blazer! The 2013 Parallel Universe Computing Challenge was one of the most popular activities at the conference. The Challenge is back again this year with some new surprises and eight very competitive teams squaring off to win a $26,000 grand prize for their favorite charity. Get there early to get a seat for this entertaining game show-style competition.

For a full list of Intel activities, see the attached SC14 Intel booth guide and check out this blog post of schedules for the Collaboration Hub, Theater Talks, and Parallel Computing Challenge. And we’ll see you at SC14 in booth 1315!