For Big Data, Cloud, and Database – IBM looks to Pure Simplicity

The volume and velocity of Big Data are soaring faster than a 50-story helium balloon: from the log files of massive e-commerce sites, to the transactional data generated every second within major retailers. Time to get your Big Data strategy operational. Since you can’t constrain the growth of data, here is a simple idea for accelerating the rollout of data services that rise to the occasion.

IBM and Intel have combined their hardware and software know-how to deliver Big Data platforms that are ready to fly, right out of the box: network, storage and servers. You just plug in one of the new IBM PureData* Systems, attach your network connection, and start loading data. The process takes hours, instead of the weeks or months required if you had to select and integrate the components individually.

PureData System joins PureApplication System and PureFlex System as the newest member of the PureSystems family from IBM, which is designed to simplify every step of the IT lifecycle. PureApplication System, the platform system announced in April, has standard attributes of Web, Cloud, and Database that support more than 200 applications.

PureData System for Analytics, powered by IBM Netezza technology, simplifies and optimizes performance of data services for analytic applications. This solution uses System x* rack mount servers and BladeCenter technology incorporating high performance Intel® Xeon® architecture. IBM uses the Intel Xeon technology for not just the CPU nodes, but also the storage controllers. So, not surprisingly, the PureData System for Analytics can execute complex algorithms in minutes, not days.

On the other hand, PureData System for Transactions is an integrated, optimized, ready-to-run database platform designed and tuned exclusively for transactional data workloads.  There has been a significant amount of software engineering collaboration between IBM and Intel on clustered DB2 pureScale and this system is ready to go out of the box. It uses PureFlex system components that also get their power from the Intel® Xeon® E5 processor family.

Intel and IBM have worked together for more than 15 years to boost software and system performance on Intel hardware, forged in IBM’s decades tackling the largest, most complex data challenges on the planet. That’s why PureData System arrives preconfigured with the middleware and applications tuned for your Big Data analytics and transaction processing.

Learn more about how easily your company can unearth the previously unavailable insights that translate into a competitive advantage. If you are attending the IBM Information on Demand conference, attend today’s 2:15pm panel discussion “Big Data Analytics: Real-time Answers to Your Very Real Problems” hosted by Intel’s Pauline Nist with IBM’s Anjul Bhambhri, IBM VP Big Data and John Borkenhagen, IBM CTO System x. If not, head over to the IBM PureSystems product family website to learn more or watch our new video below.

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