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Through the acquisition of Altera, Intel became a supplier of FPGAs. As you may have seen at the recent Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF), the possibilities of what this means to FPGA users is extraordinary. Tightly coupling Intel Architecture (IA) to FPGAs will enable us to deliver new products and capabilities that leverage the best of both organizations. These programmable logic solutions will help accelerate the smart and connected world, from the core to the edge.

Intel has made it clear they are focused on investing in and growing its FPGA and ARM®-based SoC FPGA business. One of the best examples of Intel’s commitment is the establishment of the Customer Experience Group (CEG). The singular focus of the CEG is to provide the highest-quality customer experience by assisting customers in navigating FPGA product complexities while enabling customers to be more productive. We do this by maintaining the same level of customer intimacy Altera has fostered over the decades among our FPGA customers, our applications engineers (AEs) and our sales organization, while at the same time continuing to invest in FPGA support resources.

Maintaining our Strong FPGA Customer Relationships

The FPGA support model is unique and requires strong customer relationships to ensure design success. Intel recognizes the importance that customer intimacy has in the FPGA design process and has gone to great lengths to ensure this is not diminished. The CEG is committed to maintaining the same level of customer intimacy at all levels of the FPGA design process.

Our sales team that has serviced customers over the years remains in place. We also closely collaborate with the broader Intel sales organization for those customers who may benefit from the combined IA and FPGA technology. This close alignment will be a win/win for all.

For customers who leverage distribution channels, we also maintain our extensive worldwide network of distribution partners to provide customers with sales, FAE and support services. The CEG strives to ensure there is no disruption in the service and support that its FPGA customers received in the past.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich presented the event keynote at the Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum, answering questions regarding the acquisition: What does Altera’s acquisition mean for SoC FPGA users?
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich presenting the event keynote at the 2016 Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum

Making Self-help Resources More User Friendly

For many FPGA customers, questions to their design challenges can be found with the click of a mouse. With this in mind, we enriched our online Support Resources portal. This self-help portal provides customers a great starting point for finding answers to their FPGA design questions.

The Support Resources portal includes a comprehensive collection of FPGA documentation, how-to videos, forums, online training courses, and a design store where customers can access an array of FPGA design examples. Hours of Engineer-to-Engineer videos provide a visual walk through of solving common design problems.

Our continued investment in the Support Resources portal provides customers with easy access to self-help resources, making it easier for customers to use Intel FPGAs and accelerate their design process and be more productive.

A Network of Design Support Resources

For customers looking for FPGA design resources to help accelerate product development and reduce time-to-market, we offer the Design Solutions Network (DSN). The DSN is a global ecosystem of independent qualified companies offering an extensive range of FPGA, embedded system and Enpirion FPGA power design expertise; including board, IP, EDA products and training. DSN members are an indispensable source to help customers with anything from selecting the right FPGA for a new product design to multi-board system level design or IP integration.

All of the resources the CEG offers to customers will make it much easier for customers to use Intel FPGAs and accelerate their design schedules. Intel’s investment in FPGA customer support will deepen the level of service and create a superior customer experience.

Vince Hu is the vice president of the Customer Experience Group within the Intel Programmable Solutions Group.

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