Fullerton India Saves Up to 45 Percent on Operations Costs with a Faster, More Efficient Platform

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Fullerton India needed to meet the high demand for loan processing uptime and availability and cut the cost of operations and platform maintenance. It decided to migrate from a RISC-based platform to Intel® architecture powered by Intel® Xeon® processor E7545. Higher storage capacity per server helped cut operations and hardware maintenance costs. Plus, the added processing power boosted the loan processing time, creating a competitive advantage by reducing the loan application time for customers. The new platform also delivers advanced reliability, availability and serviceability to support mission-critical applications like loan processing.

“Moving from RISC-based architecture to the Intel Xeon processor-based platform provided savings of up to 45 percent on operation costs, while offering easy availability of skill sets around the Intel platform," said Samir Khare, general manager and head of IT business solutions for Fullerton India. "The support environment and knowledge base available enhance the overall usage experience of the Intel platform and allow for easy maintainability.”

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