FXCM Counts on Intel® Xeon® Processors 5600 and 7500 Series for Speedy Trading Systems

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FXCM.jpgIn the foreign exchange market, a price change of one-hundredth of a penny can mean the difference between profit and loss for a trader. FXCM helps traders capitalize on these changes, which occur within milliseconds, by using technology that delivers rapid, intelligent trading executions and facilitates direct interactions with financial institutions. The company recently refreshed servers with the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series to accelerate trades, accommodate periodic usage spikes, and ensure high application availability while controlling data center real estate.

“We do our homework,” explained Ivan Brightly, chief information officer for FXCM. “The performance, memory bandwidth, and energy efficiency of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series made those processors a clear choice for our applications.”

To learn more, download our new FXCM business success story. As always, you can find this one, and many others, in the Intel.com Reference Room and Survival Kit.