Gartner Research Articulates the Business Value of IT End-of-Year Reports

Increasingly IT organizations are spending the time and effort to publish end of year reports which help communicate the value that IT orgs provide to their respective businesses. 

Last year, Gartner analyst Lee Weldon reached out to Intel to understand why and how Intel IT produces an annual IT performance report – now in it’s eleventh year. Along with input from several other IT organizations who also create IT end-of-year reports, Lee has published his research report titled “Promote Your IT Success Stories Through End-of-Year Reports” for Gartner subscribers.

Does your IT organization publish an IT end-of-year report? ... please share your thoughts (and a link if you have one) with this community below.

The 2011-2012 Intel IT Performance Report was published earlier this week and is available on along with other Intel IT best practices for creating business value.

Chris (@chris_p_intel)