Get Performance That Keeps Pace With Users

Previously in the IT Peer Network, Chris Peters emphasized the importance of usability in IT. Today, we'll delve deeper and ask:

"What are the different ways you can define 'usability?'"

For some, usability can refer to the tangible aspects and features of a device, such as this IT case study on Sinopec employees' need for lightweight, multipurpose tools.

For others, usability can simply be the built-in 'behind-the-scenes' capabilities that make everyday work computing tasks easier. In this blog, we'll focus on the latter, with a deeper dive into the benefits of an innovative, powerful processor.

- IT Peer Network Administrator

Behind the Scenes Power

Enhancements to 4th generation Intel Core vPro processors offer performance capabilities that can keep up with the way your users work. With the productivity enhancements in this latest generation of processor, you can increase employee productivity across your business with the ability to:

Get started quickly: Users are able to wake devices in a flash and access dynamic data and apps that are always up-to-date.

Leave the power supply behind: Longer battery life makes it easy for users to work where and how they want.

Collaborate easily—and without wires: Give presentations
 and share work with colleagues using secure, high-quality video conferencing capabilities. Wireless projection makes it easier to create an immersive and spontaneous sharing environment, complete with graphics performance capabilities that are 20 times better.

Simplify data management: Powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities lets users work effortlessly with complex data sets. New instructions (Intel TSX-NI) boost performance for multi-threaded applications, such as those that enable BI and collaboration.

Find resources quickly: Indoor/outdoor location-based services helps users quickly find and connect to locally available IT assets, such as printers and conference rooms. Explore how Intel IT is planing to use Location-based Services in the Enterprise.

Experience a more responsive and secure virtualized desktop: Your users can get what they need quickly with Intel Virtual Machine Control Structure (Intel VMCS), Shadowing and nesting. This technology provides fast, flexible, and secure desktop virtualization so that you can better control data, applications, and operating system migrations.

This blog is the final installment in a 7-part series that explored the Intel IT Center Real World Guide on Mobile Security in the Enterprise.

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