Get social with Open Port

With the popularity of social networking tools becoming more widely used, we've made the decision to expand the Open Port presence in an attempt to not only keep up with what's happening and where people are hanging out but also to connect the members of the Open Port community with each other in new and engaging ways.

That's why we've started a number of social media profiles to connect with interesting people and distribute Open Port content where they are, hopefully prompting them to come back here to Open Port and further engage in the conversation.

open-port-avatar.jpgTo that end you can follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our profile onFriendFeed, see what we find interesting on Delicious and become a fan of Open Port on Facebook.

We hope these profiles will be useful to all of you. Those sites and networks have a ton to offer in the way of two-way conversation, which is why we're using them.

If you're an Open Port community member and are on those networks we'd encourage you to share your profile in the discussion forums so that not only can we connect with you but so that other members of the community can find you there as well.


Mike (Open Port Community Admin)