Getting Closer to Nature to Better Understand the Business Value of Sustainability

In the next couple of weeks I will get a chance to visit China as part of a business trip.  However, I learned recently that it won't be a routine business trip.

I have been outspoken about with the business value and importance of IT Sustainability during my 3 years working in Intel IT.  When I was interviewed last year by PWC Technology Forecast Journal about "Embedding Sustainability into Everyday Actions", I did not realize that I would be able to practice what I preached.

When I visit China in the coming weeks, I will get a chance to participate in a Sustainability Leadership Program facilitated by EarthWatch Institute. In addtion to having the opportunity to briefly share what we are doing at Intel with some fellow IT peers and exchange IT best practices, I learned that the program involves hands-on learning in the Dinghushan National Nature Reserve around studying the effects of climate change, pollution, human disturbance on plant ecosystems and biodiversity. 

As I prepare for this trip, I am reminded of the difference between a green IT program (focused only environmental benefits) and a sustainable IT program (focused on both environmental and business benefits).  Through a combination of hands-on field work, research and classroom exercises, I will be embedded into a natural learning environment far removed from my cube and the corporate world - intended to bring these two different worlds together.

That is pretty exciting. I look forward to sharing new learnings from my upcoming sustainability journey

While you wait, I'd like to share the lessons captured in MIS Quarterly Executive from Intel's journey to developing a sustainable IT capability

Chris (@chris_p_peters)