Getting Ready for IBM Edge 2014

Intel is preparing for our Double Diamond sponsorship at the IBM Edge event scheduled for May18-23 in Las Vegas.  We look forward to this event each year.  It is an excellent time to engage with customers, to share valuable learning opportunities for the attendees, and to have some fun (EdgeRocks! with Sheryl Crow)!  But most importantly, these events give us the opportunity to listen to you, our customers, and glean additional insights on what your challenges and opportunities are as you perform the important roles within your Enterprise that you do.

This year, Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President at Intel Labs and the Director of Security & Privacy Research, will be delivering a unique keynote where he shares insights into what is available for corporations today and what Intel is pursuing in the ever challenging chess game of developing technologies that can stay ahead of the bad guys and help you protect your enterprises. You may learn more about Shridar’s work in interesting projects like “Reliance Point,” a collaboration between Iyengar’s research group and the Intel Data Center group around some new ways to provide data protection.  You can read a bit about Reliance Point here in the MIT Technology Review.

Want to deep dive on SSD storage on the plane ride?  Christian Black, Intel, has developed a great practical blog series on 20 Questions on SSD: Things you’ll want to ask found in the IT Peer Network Community site.  This is a good compliment to the breakout sessions Intel has prepared for IBM Technical Edge around storage and other topics. Looking forward to seeing you at IBM Edge!

There has never been a more interesting time for the need for silos in the data center to come down.  As organizations face increasing complexity operationally while at the same time reaping the benefits of cloud, virtualization, enhanced analytics, there is a need for some relief.  Intel shares a vision for the increasing reality of SDI as a way to drive architecture and capacity planning from the view of the application – not the
individual elements that enable it to work. Want some airplane reading on your way to Vegas? Check out this white paper series on SDN from Intel and do not miss our cTP02 Breakout on Continuing the Network Transformation Journey with Intel and IBM.

So maybe you just want to kick back and take a long well deserved nap on the trip, and get ready to join us in the breakouts or at our booth!  That is fine too, but don’t miss your chance for entering into a drawing for an Enterprise Ultrabook Thinkpad X1 Carbon when you get there by attending our breakout sessions!

More information on the Technical Edge event sessions follows here:

cTP01 Intel and IBM: Powerful Relief for Data Center Pain Points; 

Provides overview of technologies, recommended pre-req. prior to attending the deep-dive sessions on storage noted below (sTP01, sTP02)

Brian Horn, Application Eng, Intel NAND Solutions Grp

Jim Larson, Marketing Mgr, Intel Networking Div

        Mizan Rahman, Platform Apps Eng, Intel Storage Grp         

Monday, 3:00 – 4:00       Toscana 3710

Monday, 4:15 – 5:15       Toscana 3710

Tuesday, 10:30 – 11:30  Toscana 3710


cTP02 Continuing the Network Transformation Journey w/Intel® Ethernet; 

To prepare for taking advantage of network overlays, network function virtualization (NFV), and software defined networking (SDN) this session provides information on IBM & Intel technologies to support your efforts.

       Jim Larson, Marketing Mgr, Intel Networking Div

       Tuesday, 12:30 – 1:30    Toscana 3710

sTP01 V7000: New Innovations Creating Better Business Value;

Capabilities to help you implement a truly converged block/file device approach using Real Time Compression and an embedded file system running in VM.


        Mizan Rahman, Platform Apps Eng, Intel Storage Grp

        Tuesday, 1:45 – 2:45      Toscana 3710

sTP02 Intel Flash: Evolving Data Center Use Cases and Solutions;

Hear about which applications and databases the Solutions Team at Intel has tested with and how they can best leverage the SSD technology.

Brian Horn, Application Eng, Intel NAND Solutions Grp                   

        Tuesday, 3:15 – 4:15      Toscana 3710

xTP01 Maximizing x86 Server Performance: Simple Choices and their Dramatic Impact;

Hear about how to fine tune your x86 servers to run at peak performance, how to make hardware selection decisions for best performance when buying new servers, and application monitoring techniques available for ongoing maintenance.


Dave Hill, Performance Mktg Mgr, Intel Data Center Grp                 

        Tuesday, 4:30 – 5:30      Toscana 3710

         Wednesday, 9:00 – 10:00          Toscana 3710