Getting Rid of the Blue (Screen)

I just read this paper authored by some of Intel's IT experts in the area of client management.  As an employee of Intel, I am now a huge fan of these rock stars.  Why? because they were able, through proactive IT management practices, reduce blue screens inside Intel's employee base by over 50% in the last year (Q2'08 to Q3'09).  There are now 3,000 fewer laptop blue screens than there were a year ago --> that is a huge productivity advantage for Intel workers.

blue scree reduction q2'08 - q3'09.JPG

Issue Tracking, Pareto Analysis and use of new management capabilities and technologies like Intel vPro Technology were at the center of these capabilities.

Read about how Refael Mizrahi, Shachaf Levi and Jeff Kilford made my life as an intel employee a whole lot easier by Improving Client Stability with Proactive Problem Management.  You Rock!