Going social with SOA

In my earlier blogs, I shared how we can use Social Computing within the enterprise (Enterprise 2.). In this post, I would like to discuss some of the adoption questions on Enterprise 2.0:

Will Enterprise 2.0 become as viral as the external social computing platform?

Will employees adopt Enterprise 2.0 platform to collaborate and connect with fellow employees and reduce the "degrees of separation".

Will the investment on Enterprise 2.0 platform bear fruits?

As the corporates continue to encourage employees to use the Enterprise 2.0 platform, there are certain challenges in adoption. No single tool can meet all the employees needs and we get feedback on tools not being intuitive or people having trouble leveraging all the capabilities. Does it mean, we need to change the platform?

There is a simple answer to this dilemma. Instead of changing th platform, we enable the capabilities through APIs/ Webservices, and integrate them with other line of business applications. Employees have day jobs and tools where they spend most of their time. By making enterprise social computing a component of their tools will automatically allow employees go social without even being aware of it.

When we integrated our Enterprise 2.0 with one of the portals that most of the employees used to get the corporate information, we saw a sudden spike of adoption. We are now planning to have such integrations with other tools in place, so that when employees think of collaboration, they don't have to worry about which tool to use.

In your opinion, what would you think will make use Enterprise 2.0 for collaboration? Is it a tool that will guide them or the process or intent?