Going To CeBIT 2010? … Intel CIO Talks about Future

In Hannover Germany next week, technology leaders from around the world will be in attendance.  Intel's CIO Diane Bryant will be presenting on Tomorrow's Potential, Shaped by Information Technology Today

IT faces many challenges - accelerating user requirements, globalization, and growing security issues. IT needs to be agile, responsive, and ultimately create value. Diane Bryant will highlight how creating value is not a one-time effort. Value relies on continuous investment, innovation, and foresight. The pace of business demands is astonishing. Equally astonishing is the pace of technology.

You will hear Diane talk about how despite the worldwide recession and subsequent focus on cost, Intel IT continued its client and server refresh strategy and investments in IT. This lead to enhanced productivity for all Intel employees, world-class recognition for Intel’s supply chain due to advanced use of IT and through the deployment a high-performance compute environment Intel positively impacted the development time of the latest generation of Intel products.

Attend this sesssion and you will hear more about how Intel's IT organization delivers strategic value by providing professional support, applications, and solutions that enable Intel's growth and transformation.

Convention Center (CC), Room 2, 03.03.2010, 11:00 – 11:30  h