We’re Stepping on the Gas Pedal for Hybrid Cloud

Earlier this year, Google Cloud announced its vision for hybrid cloud centered on providing a choice of running workloads within GCP or on-prem with seamless workload portability. At Intel, we have long believed that cloud architectures are a foundation for data-centric computing and that a multi-cloud foundation is required to fully unleash the power of data for business growth. This is why we were delighted to join Google Cloud to announce a strategic collaboration to deliver an infrastructure foundation to fuel hybrid cloud deployments, a market opportunity estimated to be > $45B in 2019 growing at 17% CAGR.

The foundation for this collaboration is the delivery of an infrastructure reference design that offers a pre-verified configuration that takes advantage of the recently introduced 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, available in Google Cloud instances, and software optimizations across the solution stack. We’ll offer this reference design to developers, and work with industry leaders to deliver it to market as an Intel® Select Solution later this year.

This collaboration also reflects our long-term Technology Alliance that is rooted in driving technology innovation and business acceleration with value for customers out of hardware, software and services and takes advantage of our deep joint work in optimizing Kubernetes to take full advantage of Xeon processor capabilities.

The announcement of this collaboration couldn’t come at a better time. One week on the heels of the first data centric launch in Intel’s history, the time is ripe for customers to modernize data center infrastructure. With an estimated 9 million servers approaching five year lifespan in data centers across the globe, enterprises face an incredible opportunity to drive increased efficiency and organizational productivity through infrastructure modernization efforts that embrace both on-prem refresh and cloud service integration.