Green IT Initiatives Save $2 Billion and 32 Million Tons of C02 – Did You Help?

Today, this article discussed how IT organizations around the world have, through Green IT projects reduced costs, reduced pollution creating value for both the business and the environment.  Collectively this is an impressive amount and shows the continued commitment and benefit of Green IT projects.

Intel was a founding member of Climate Savers and Intel IT is doing projects to under our IT Sustainability Program to do our fair share. Inside Intel IT, we are innovating to deliver IT solutions that reduce Intel’s footprint. Since 2008, Intel IT’s long-term sustainability strategy has saved over $4M and reduced power consumption by 49M KWh through data center innovation, virtual collaboration tools and managed mobile clients.  The environmental impact of these projects totals an estimated 26,000 metric tons.

We have captured our projects in this fun video - check it out.

I'm curious to know what other IT organizations are doing.  Share your projects and results with us by adding comments and links below.

This is a joint accomplishment worth celebrating!!

Chris Peters, Intel IT