Hadoop at Cisco Live 2013

In years past, the networking guys and the software guys often hung out in different circles and rarely did the two groups meet unless possibly in a finger pointing contest surrounding a degradation of service in the enterprise!  But so much is changing these days.  The opportunities to harness big data into actionable information for enterprises absolutely requires an architectural approach that encompasses the network, the hardware and the software more than ever.

I am really looking forward to being at Cisco Live in Orlando on June 25- June 27th I especially look forward to speaking with a lot of customers and hearing how things are going with their big data projects, so if you are heading that way, please look me up in the booth or on twitter (@jobig630) to tell me about what is going on with your projects!

Earlier this year, Intel launched the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop.  The Open source community is doing some amazing work in evolving Hadoop into an open data platform. Here at Intel, we saw a real need for an enterprise-ready version of Hadoop, one that eases operationalizing deployments and provides support as a tool for web-scale analytics by large service providers.  Many enterprises began to identify the opportunity to use the framework, but preferred getting it from a trusted vendor that also would provide support and services options to accelerate success in the enterprise. Intel distribution for Apache Hadoop focusses on the three pillars of operationalizing Hadoop for enterprise – Performance, Security and Management.

We have been partnering with Cisco to bring performance optimization, ease of deployment, and robust management capabilities together between Cisco CPA and the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software.  The joint solution. provides enterprises with an infrastructure where traditional enterprise applications and big data applications can comfortably coexist in the same system – sharing high bandwidth connectivity and compute and storage scalability so that analytic results can be turned into useful information at the speed required.

Please stop by and see our demonstrations in the Intel booth around optimizing performance for Big Data.  Also, hoping I get to see you in the Solutions Theater there in Orlando as I share the latest around Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop.

Jobi George is driving Intel software strategy and key partnership into Big Data and Cloud Security Software. Jobi joined Intel in 2005 prior to that he worked at IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs in the client and Eclipse open source. Jobi holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from NYU.