Health IT Advancement is a Global Race

Health IT inspiration and leadership is being fueled around the world. I constantly hear from our global Intel representatives about the great healthcare technology advancements taking place in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia that are truly making differences in patient care.

In the above video, Intel Health & Life Sciences General Manager Eric Dishman sits down with Dr. Andrew Litt from Dell, Dr. Bill Crounse from Microsoft, and Dr. Graham Hughes of SAS to discuss which countries are leading in consumer-generated health data and what the U.S. market can learn from them. Hear about how the Nordic countries are 10 years ahead in electronic medical record implementation and how South Korea is pioneering advances in personal, digital healthcare.

This most recent video is the fourth and final clip in a series from this conversation. See the other clips on making health IT data actionable, the benefits of health IT analytics and wearable technology. See the full discussion here.

What questions do you have about consumer-generated data and health IT advancements around the world?