Health IT Solutions with Intel Xeon E7

Following up on last week’s post about the Intel  Xeon E7 launch, I got to go to Atlanta, GA for an Americas Launch event  held at the Institute of Health  Technology Transformation Summit (iHT2).

It was a great event that detailed the information on the  new Xeon E7, with special focus on Healthcare Solution Providers like Siemens, McKesson, Allscripts, GE Healthcare,  and others, along with technical leaders from  healthcare IT customers.  See the slides  from the presentation below.

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Just as Intel works with key enterprise datacenter ISVs to  deliver an ecosystem that supports our new 10 core Xeon E7 series servers, it’s  also important to work with ISVs in key markets like healthcare to deliver optimized solutions for those markets, along with understanding  key customer concerns and needs.

There was lots of opportunity to chat about what’s going on  with the government push for Electronic  Medical Records (EMR), with most customer institutions hurrying to have  efforts underway by 2012 to meet both initial schedules and 2015 deliverables.  I also got much more detailed info from local customers and partner meetings.  I’d love to hear more from end users deploying  these systems.

While there are great healthcare solutions being delivered  today on both our Itanium and our new Xeon E7 high performance systems, there is  certainly longer term interest in the opportunity for cloud based solutions  aimed at smaller hospitals and providers, but it’s clear that HIPAA only adds  to all the data and security requirements necessary for even private cloud  deployments.

Our event also featured a really cool presentation on high performance teams by a former Top Gun  and Blue Angel pilot John Foley.

Also if you’d like to see the latest E7 launch info including  an update on Itanium plans and announcement of a new Itanium OEM. Check out  Kirk Skaugen’s speech at the Beijing Intel  Developer Forum (IDF).