High-efficiency data center

What’s wrong with high-efficiency in the data center today?  When we talk about high efficiency, going green, and sustainability, the real intent is to reduce carbon footprint and consume less energy overall but it seems “we” as an industry often get sucked into chasing a number for good public relations and /or bragging rights instead of doing what might be the right thing to do despite the net “PUE” result.  I’m working on a fantastic project right now that will technically deliver the lowest PUE in the world if I wanted to chase the number but because I define “high efficiency” as (IT + Mechanical + Electrical = highest efficiency opportunity) , my PUE number looks worse although my total power consumption is much better (1.02 vs. 1.11).  It’s time for the Data Center industry to step up and step away from our current industry best measurement because it could cause wrong actions in the chase for a good numbers.  Just my two cents.

Don Atwood – Intel DC Architect