High Performance Computing Around the World – The Wandering Geek

So I admit it .. at heart I'm a geek.  I love geeky things.. High performance computing, workstation applications that do dynamic 3D modelling, HDTV.  But I am also a recovering academic.. I have studied and taught marketing and strategy for about10 years.. Love that too.

Now.. I spend a great deal of my time.. travelling around and talking to people about the really cool things they do, and how intel might help them.  So.. yep.. I'm a wandering geek.  Last year: Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, All over the US, London, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona, Munich, etc.. Mostly northern hemisphere... have to work on that.

I am thrilled to see the amazing things people are doing with our technology.  the guy modelling race cars, the folks making football helmets safer (met Drew Brees at SC10), the folks who are reinventing medicine, finding new sources of energy (and under utilized old ones).. Weather modelling and forecasting in the pacrim ... someday someone will take on snow removal in boston with HPC... but not today.

I was really happy to see Dr. Stephen Wheat get listed as a person to watch in HPC.  I assume HPCwire meant that metaphorically...  While somewhat visually unpretentious, Dr. Wheat is a passionate advocate for his industry, his company and his country.  There are interesting people to FOLLOW in this industry.. I am blessed to work with a cadre of them.

Congrats Dr. Wheat.. see you around the world.Tokyo-Arrival_ANiceNightforWalking_03-09-10_0303.jpg

photo credit: Tom Metzer.. "A Nice night in Tokyo" Spargo left.. Geek right