Highlights from Mobile World Congress 2014 – Day Two

It’s been an exhilarating day here at Mobile World Congress. As day one of the conference had a large focus on new announcements and partnerships, day two of the conference was all about the great panels and spotlight presentations. We’ve picked some of the top moments of day two below.

The Road to 5G


We aren’t waiting until 2020 to begin the 5G era. Many experts are now beginning to plan for the next big leap in mobile broadband technologies and standards after a combination of the rapid 4G LTE uptake, massive data traffic growth, and new devices and usage models.

Intel’s panel “The Road to 5G” included some of Intel’s leading futurists and technology experts who gave MWC a glimpse into the next generation of networks. They explain that although there is still a lot of life in 4G, 5G begins now. The era will collectively diffuse the lines between “the compute” and “the connect”.

Watch “The Road to 5G” Panel here.

The Rise of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is certainly one of the biggest upcoming trends and it spans across industries like health and wellness, fashion, and technology. However, adoption is still early and many consumers are still unaware of wearable tech. Experts believe that is going to change. In fact, Cisco predicts that more than 177 million will have wearable devices by 2018.

Currently, wearable tech is limited to measuring sleep, steps, or breath. Today, panelists for “Wearable Opportunities for Consumers…Today and Tomorrow” discussed the opportunities and challenges in delivering wearable technologies that consumers want. The shift would include wearable tech with great design, functionality, and seamless integration of the consumer’s life.

Tablet Experience Panel

Piers Fawkes, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of PSFK moderated a panel at the Intel booth around delivering innovative tablet experiences for consumers. He was joined by Quiyang Wan, CEO of Ramos and Jim Mainard, Head of Digital Strategy & New Business Development from DreamWorks Animation to discuss how working with Intel enables them to deliver the most innovative tablet experiences to the market.

You can watch the panel here.

Intel Security + Enterprise

INTEL SECURITY PANEL.jpgAs the Internet becomes increasingly central to how we live our lives, it’s no surprise that security risks and concerns will continue to rise. We currently live in a world of modern conveniences, but manufacturers and consumers need to be aware of the consequences of connecting identities to one another to ensure we maintain our privacy and personal security.

The panelists touch on the fact that BYOD in enterprises are here to stay, whether IT is prepared or not. They also dive into how to make this possible while achieving enterprise mobile security.

We’re looking forward to day 3 of the MWC! We have a full day of panels including topics on the 64-Bit Advantage, Importance of Network API’s, and more! Be sure to visit the Intel team in hall 3 while you’re in Barcelona for MWC! If you would like to watch the panels from Monday, you can find them here.

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