Highlights from Mobile World Congress – Day Three

We wrapped up another big day here at Mobile World Congress, 2014. From new partnerships, to a 64-bit processor spotlight, and everything in between, we’re sharing our top moments from day three of the conference in Barcelona.

Genevieve Bell’s MWC Speakership

Intel Anthropologist, Dr. Genevieve Bell was a key speaker at today’s #MWC14 session “Mobile Innovation 2024: What’s Next?” The session on innovative mobile technology focused on the need to foster innovation at the core of the mobile industry.

She provided her expertise on the crossroads between history and future technology. Dr. Bell put a new spin on popular mobile trends and wearable technologies and explained how they are part of a tale as old as time. It was a truly incredible session as Genevieve explained how the past can really show what the future has in store for us.


If you would like to see our interview with Genevieve about her presentation, you can watch it here.

Mobile Services: The Importance of Network API’s

To help #MWC attendees understand the benefits of API’s, Chetan Sharma moderated an Intel spotlight panel during day three of MWC. The open discussion covered the value of offering network services as API’s to further the Internet of Things. It also explained how opening CSP network capabilities to internal users, enterprises, partners, and independent developers could help improve businesses.

Intel and FC Barcelona

Intel recently announced an exciting global sponsorship for FC Barcelona. The President of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu came to discuss the details on how Intel is helping the team transform to become the most technologically advanced clubs in the world. Bartomeu also toured the Intel booth at MWC and checked out the latest and greatest products with Intel Inside, including the Intel® Atom™ smartphone reference design with Intel® XMM™ 7260 LTE.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing this partnership in action on the field of football and in field of technology!


Mobile and the 64-bit Advantage

With the latest announcements from Intel on the 64-Bit Intel Atom Processor, Intel hosted a spotlight presentation around “Mobile and the 64-bit Advantage”. Intel has supported 64-bit technology for over a decade and has provided 64-bit support in their tablets since 2011.

Mobile app developers, mobile OEM’s, and business units joined to listened in about the next phase for mobile and what 64-bit means for their devices.

The first three days of the conference have been a whirlwind of new partnerships, state of the art products and great demos. It’s hard to believe that we only have one day left of MWC! If you’re in Barcelona for MWC, come say hello to team Intel in hall 3 tomorrow.

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