Hot off the press: Where are we on Intel® Cloud Builder program?

Intel announced the Intel Cloud Builder Program, on Oct 29 2009,  to help early cloud adopters who are faced with “Where do I start?” “How do I implement cloud infrastructure? What do I need?”, etc questions.  I have spoken to several customers facing this problem and have collected a myriad of questions that they are looking for answers.

Some of these questions include:

  • What are the key management tools available?
  • What hardware configuration should I use?
  • What are some BKMs that I need to follow?
  • How do I integrate my management interface with cloud management tools?
  • How do I move my applications to the cloud?

This program has generated outstanding response from the industry and we now have several software vendors (Canonical, Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels, Red Hat, Univa, VMware and open source that have joined the program and many more are in the process of joining. Several experts from Intel including teams that work with end users, software enabling, data center group, cloud strategists – are contributing to this program (Thanks Team!!!). Lots of hard work and we have been burning the mid night oil to put the lab infrastructure in place, working with the ISVs in defining the use cases, requirements and other technical details. In fact, we have a few of the software installed on our Intel labs at several locations worldwide (Dupont, WA, Hillsboro, OR to name a few). We are also in the process of documenting the test results in the form of whitepapers jointly with these ISVs which we are targeting to publish starting in Q1 2010.

Cloud computing is still relatively new and I anticipate that the Intel Cloud Builder program help solve some of the aforementioned pain points to cloud service providers, enterprises and hosters.  So far, it has been a great learning experience for me in running this program, working with different stakeholders both internally and externally to help shape the program. I am certainly looking forward for an exciting new year ahead!!!!  I will come back early next year with more details on the program.

Stay tuned Enjoy the holidays!!!!