Hot Topics from Intel IT at SAP TechEd

Next week, some members of the Intel IT team will be at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas talking about a variety of items.  While I'm going to miss this event - I'll be in Vancouver BC talking at an Intel Premier IT Professional event - I did have the opportunity to work with the Intel IT experts who will be presenting on the topics below.

Come check them out

Finally, on the show floor of TechEd in the Intel booth, the IT@Intel team will be unveiling a new server sizing tool that allows users to project the utilization of critical server resources like memory, compute and I/O  over the intended project life of a server deployment.  Intel IT found that ~15% of our production ERP workloads required larger 4-socket or higher servers to support many larger applications that exhibited highly variable demands (ie workload peaks), above average growth rates, or required highly available clustered failover solutions in production to meet service level agreements. Read more in this IT whitepaper

So, if you happen to be in Vegas for the SAP TechEd show or for any other show , stop by and learn more about the IT best practices the Intel IT organization uses to create business value.