How do NVMe SSDs shape the future Data Center?

SSDs are enabling the hyper-convergence era, increasing infrastructure utilization and increasing data center flexibility, however, traditional storage device interfaces are limiting the performance which Non-Volatile memory can bring to the platform.  To enable continued scaling of SSD performance, the industry has created a new SSD interface standard, and created a new SSD form factor, using PCI Express* as the interconnect vs. traditional SATA or SAS interfaces.  This new direction is called NVMe*.

Intel has introduced a family of SSDs in these new form factors, called the Intel® SSD Data Center Family for NVMe*

I was honored when asked to help create a video introducing this new SSD family, and explaining how they are changing the face of the data center.  I was so honored in fact, that I donned a bowtie!   This latest line of SSDs from Intel brings up to 6x the performance of the previous SATA SSDs, with 1/2 the latency, and 1/2 the CPU cycles needed for each IO request!  If you are looking for a high level overview of the benefits of NVMe SSDs, here is a four minute video where I take you “Under the Hood”.

Under the Hood: Intel® Solid-State Drives for a More Flexible Data Center - YouTube

If this video left you wanting more information about NVMe, here are several links which go into the next level of detail:

I would love to hear your stories, comments, and bowtie recommendations… Tell us how you are using SSD technology to do more with less, or change the future!




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