How eHarmony Makes Matches in the Cloud with Big Data Analytics

For millions of years, humans searched for the right person to love based on emotion, intuition, and a good bit of pure luck. Today, it's much easier to find your soul mate using the power of big data analytics.

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This scientific approach to matchmaking is clearly successful. On average, 438 people in the United States get married every day because of eHarmony. That’s the equivalent of nearly four percent of new marriages.  

Navigating an Ocean of Data

To keep up with its fast-growing demand, eHarmony needed to boost its analytics capabilities and upgrade its cloud environment to support a new software framework. It also needed a solution that was scalable to keep up with tomorrow's needs.

Robust Private Cloud Environment

eHarmony built a new private cloud environment that lets it process affinity matching and conduct machine learning research to help refine the matching process. The cloud is built on Cloudera CDH software—an Apache Hadoop software distribution that enables scalable storage and distributed computing while providing a user interface and a range of enterprise capabilities. 

The infrastructure also includes servers equipped with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v2 and E5 v3 families. eHarmony chose the Intel Xeon processors because they had the performance it needed plus large-scale memory capacity to support the memory-intensive cloud environment. eHarmony's software developers also use Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) to help optimize new code.  

More andMore AccurateResults

This powerful new cloud environment can help eHarmony accommodate more complex analyses—and ultimately produce more personalized matches that improve the likelihood of relationship success. It can also analyze more data faster than before and deliver within overnight processing windows.  

Going forward, eHarmony is ready to handle the fast-growing volume and variety of user information it takes to match millions of users every day. 

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