How Electronic Data Capture Can Reduce Errors

Stop me if you have heard this story before: an organization has a paper workflow that involves keystroke entry, which results in errors and inefficiencies. Sound familiar?

That was the case with the Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program (IDCRP), a worldwide network of Department of Defense (DoD) clinical and research centers that have collaborated to investigate infectious disease challenges facing the military. IDCRP had a paper workflow that relied on double-key data entry into electronic data capture (EDC) systems with resulting errors, scanning and mailing of forms, and slow processing time.

The big question was, “how can this process work better?” To move beyond the inefficient system, the IDCRP turned to Mi-Forms Tablet forms technology running on TabletKiosk’s Sahara Slate PC i500 tablets to eliminate all paper forms.

The benefits of this switch were immediate and extensive. For example: 50 percent time savings, 80 percent of users grading the solution as more efficient, and total buy-in from the clinicians.

A new whitepaper goes deeper into this case study and shares more of the benefits that were realized. You can register and download the paper here.

What questions do you have? Would your organization benefit from a similar engagement?