How HR can Mitigate Cyber Risks – Panel Discussion

Human Resources departments are in a coveted position to help protect an organization from cyber risks.  However, there are a lot of questions to be answered. 

HR intersects and influences a number of different areas related to and supporting cybersecurity.  A cybersecurity panel, including Matthew Rosenquist from Intel, discussed some of the challenges and opportunities at an EvoNexus HR Special Interest Group open forum in San Diego CA, September 2015. 

The distinguished panel, from left to right are Mike Walls – managing director security operations at Edgewave Inc, Timothy Hamon – senior forensic examiner at the FBI, Brad Hering – marketing executive at Barney & Barney, Matthew Rosenquist – Cybersecurity Strategist and Evangelist from Intel Corp, and moderator Jean Center – CEO for the Center Group.

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The expert panel answered a number of great questions posed by the audience, across a broad topic scope, including:

  • What were the key learnings of the OPM hack?
  • How best can companies build secure products?
  • What is covered in cyber insurance?
  • What is the one technology which greatly improves security?
  • Should HR be concerned about security when instituting new platforms and vendors?
  • How can the mindset and culture of an organization be changed to be pro-security?
  • How can employees be better vetted when it comes to cybersecurity?
  • Should individuals be able to own and control all their private data?

What questions do you have around HR’s role and opportunities in improving cybersecurity?

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