How To Enable Personal Hand-Helds In The Enterprise

The Intel IT security team weighs in on Consumerizaiton.

I have been tracking the subject of IT Consumerization for several months now on both a professional and personal level.  A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about my observations following IDF (intel Developer Forum) and a CIO roundtable about IT consumerization, noting how important and wide-spread this trend is among leading CIO's.

Last night I downloaded and read a paper from Lopez Research titled "IT Best Practices: Mobile Policies and Processes for Employee-owned Smartphones" that highlighted many of the key questions, concerns, approaches and policies that IT organizations must address as they prepare to embrace or ignore this trend --> like ...

• who pays?
• how to manage the devices?
• how to maintain information security?
• what new policies need to be adopted?
• what products are allowed?
• what solutions are allowed on them

The Intel IT organization spent over a year working through these questions with human resources, the legal department and security to put the necessary safeguards in place and in January 2010 introduced a bring-your-own-device program to Intel employees.  The demand was overwhelming (pent-up) with over 3,000 employees taking advantage of the program in the first month. Two of our Intel security experts just published an IT white paper covering the Intel IT best practices on how we are "Maintaining Information Security while Allowing Personal Hand-Held Devices in the Enterprise"

Now there are over 6,500 employees using personal owned device ... and the number of programs, products and services have expanded over the course of 2010.  We're finding that by embracing these new use models in IT we are creating business value through improved employee productivity.  We've seen over 600,000 e-mail messages from personal handheld's (one quarter of data) and user studies have indicated that employees enjoy "time back" from the ability to use these alternative compute devices. 

Two days ago, I personally made the switch from a corporate device to a personal device (iphone4) since my family was gracious enough to purchase it for me as a birthday gift. Thanks family and thanks Intel IT. So far, I'm enjoying the new device and the new service.

• Does your business support bring-your-own-device or bring-your-own phone?
• What business value are you seeing from supporting personally owned devices in the enterprise?