How to Install your Provisioning Certificate for SCS 8

I get asked quite a few questions regarding the provisioning certificate install location for Intel® Setup and Configuration Software 8.0. I wanted to take a moment to walk you through the process and hopefully help you avoid any confusion.

Once you have your Provisioning Certificate, you need to install that cert in the appropriate Certificate Store. SCS 8 is expecting this location to be the “Personal Store” of the user that is running the scs service.

For example, the user I am running the SCS Service with is: amtscs_service

I need to install the certificate in that user’s Personal Store. But what if I cannot log in locally on this account and install the cert? Let’s take a look at how we can accomplish this:

Once you have your provisioning certificate w/private key exported, save it to a location on your SCS server.

Now usually we would just launch MMC and add the certificate snap-in for the local user. Because we cannot log in to the server as the service account (amtSCS_Service) this can be a challenge. Luckily it is just a matter of launching MMC as a “different user”.

An easy way to do this is to “Shift+right click” on MMC.exe.

I simply search for MMC, and when it pops up in the start menu, shift+right click and select “Run as different user”.

A normal right click will bring up the standard right click context munu as shown on the left. A shift+right click will bring up the extended version as shown on the right:


Now I can use the SCS Service Account


Now you can add the cert snap-in and because we ran MMC as our service account, we can install the provisioning certificate in the Personal Store of the amtSCS_Service account.


Now right click on the Personal Store and choose “All Tasks-->Import”

And just follow the prompts.





And when you are finished with the import wizard, you should see the certificate show up in the personal store:9.png

Now you are ready to provision!

This is only one of a few different methods you can use to install your provisioning certificate, for more information see the SCS User Guide.