HP and Intel Launch Itanium 9500!

Can you guess how many transistors are in the latest Intel®
Itanium® processor family?  3.1 billion.  That is the highest number
of transistors in any CPU today.  That number reflects the complexity of a
CPU and thus the capabilities a system can bring to the datacenter environment.

That is not the only reason we are excited about the November 8th launch
of the new Itanium.  We are excited about the solutions this processor
enables and the ecosystem that is supporting it.  The Itanium 9500
processor family is THE Mission Critical solution that offers enterprises very
high levels of performance, reliability and scalability. 

HP – a long standing partner – will be shipping its
Integrity systems powered by this new processor.  The Integrity class
includes a range of products from the high end Superdome to blade solutions to
entry class servers that can help the enterprise harness, process and protect
the massive amounts of mission critical data.  Applications from leading
software vendors that manage your company’s CRM, DB and other day-to-day
processes that drive revenue and customer satisfaction are run on systems powered
by the Itanium processor family.  

The Itanium processor family has seen its share of naysayers,
but customers around the world continue to use this technology, so much so that
it is a $3.2B industry, which is larger than the annual revenue stream of some
of organizations.  Intel has also announced that the future generations of
the Itanium processors starting with Intel Itanium processor codenamed Kittson,
will share a common platform with the future Xeon E7 processor family based on
Ivy Bridge architecture, including chipsets, interconnects and industry
standard memory. 


I believe the latest announcement by Intel and the continued
product development by HP is proof that Itanium is not dead and that customers
continue to rely on standards based solutions to meet their most mission
critical needs.  I remember writing copy for an Itanium product brief ten
years ago (anyone remember “Madison” with 6MB cache?) and am just as excited
about Itanium as I was then.   And even more excited about what Xeon
brings to the mix.  Stay tuned for more on this, but in the meantime,
enjoy the buzz that Itanium 9500 will bring!

You can always find out more by visiting www.intel.com/itanium

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