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It was a moment of significance – for multiple reasons – to see Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on stage along with HP CEO Meg Whitman and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (by video) at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas. It was the first time these companies were together on stage. These are partnerships that have been in place for more than three decades. They are also partnerships embarking on a new journey, driven by the New Style of IT. In Meg Whitman’s words, these partnerships need “ … a little rejuvenation just like 30-year old marriages!” Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner was on stage moderating the discussion between these leaders. The new wave of thinking applies not only to individual enterprises but also to their partnership with other enterprises. And HP Discover was a conference about partnerships that mattered – especially like those between HP, Microsoft and Intel. Let’s see why.

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Some partnerships have to be artificially crafted, and in many respects, force-fit to complement each other’s services. However there is nothing artificial about this partnership between HP, Intel and Microsoft. There is a natural fit between companies that provide the hardware, the processor and the operating system. That’s why it is no wonder that these partnerships have lasted for 30 years! And like Nadella said, “[The] question is: How are we going to innovate going forward?”

A quick preview of some of the statements made by each leader made on various topics could give us some insight.

  • Innovation. Whitman called out the strengths of the combination of the R&D organizations from all three enterprises pioneering entirely new ways of solving problems. Krzanich reminded everyone that innovation has to be targeted to customer needs. Nadella acknowledged the great tradition of innovations from all three companies to-date.
  • New Style of IT. Whitman reinforced the new wave of thinking that can be seen in many of the solutions HP introduced at HP Discover—including The Machine. With the author of The World is flat on stage, Krzanich mentioned that the Internet of Things is making the world flatter. Nadella elaborated on the “More Personal Computing” concept where our overall human experience is more and more personalized within an environment, based upon instantaneous information available about us with context.
  • Workforce. Whitman explained that the next generation has completely different expectations from their employers. Intel is looking for people who can think outside the box, Krzanich added. Nadella called out Microsoft’s need for inter-disciplinary skills, taking the example of real-time language translation applied to Skype conversations.

What’s interesting is that each of the observations above came from one of the three leaders. When you put it all together under the HP-Intel-Microsoft umbrella, every one of these observations gets reinforced because of the trifecta of partnership.

There you have it – three companies having been together for three decades charging ahead from three different perspectives in unison.

The perfect trifecta!

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