HP Discover Highlight Day 3: Cloud Consistency is Key

The final sessions of HP Discover 2013 have wrapped, and the attendees are headed to their respective homes across the globe. There is a lot to reflect on after 3 days of business IT conversations and presentations!

One thing that I found particularly interesting, as I followed along with the livestream and the #HPDiscover social discussions, was how every conversation, regardless of tech topic, focused on the business. Each technology’s worth was evaluated through a lens of business value – would this technology empower the business? Cut costs? Increase productivity?

As I mentioned in my post, The Invisible Data Center, the most important thing IT can do for the business is to be “invisible,” in the sense that all technology and systems run powerfully and seamlessly behind the scenes. Consistent, reliable IT is a trustworthy IT.

This was the focus of Andreas Schneider’s Day 3 presentation, Intel SSDs and Networking, in which he drove home the importance of service reliability which comes from a mixture of computing performance and consistency in a cloud computing environment. Andreas evaluated the storage computing environment and ran tests comparing solid state drives and their performance.  His tests demonstrated that without durable SSDs to drive performance, application consistency may look very different - and an inconsistent cloud is a cloud that will deliver a sub-optimal business experience. 

Comparing Hard Disk Drives with Solid State Drives in cloud environments:

Comparing performance of different types of SSD:

And if you’re looking for SSD durability, check out this fun video, which demonstrates the resilience of the Intel SSD.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.03.30 PM.png

Learn more about SSDs in Christian Black's post, Why Data Center Solid State Drives (SSDs).

What storage technology are you using in your data center today?