HP Discover: Itanium to tablets with everything in between!

Now that I’ve recovered from HP Discover 2011, it’s time to  talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.

First, HP (along with their key sponsors Intel, SAP and  Microsoft) did an excellent job of putting on a great show that pulled together  all of HP in one conference, for the first time ever.  It was a class act, and gave them the  opportunity to show off new products from the high  end 32-socket Itanium Integrity, to the entry level web  OS tablet to be launched in July.  HP  set up a great Blogger Lounge on the main show floor, providing a great  convenient central place for connecting (along with all the comforts of  home).  I had a chance to do a quick  video interview with Thomas Jones @niketown588.

Kirk Skaugen delivered a great Intel  keynote on Monday evening. He strongly confirmed the Intel commitment to Itanium, along  with highlighting Intel’s Ultrabook effort to drive a next generation of lightweight,  ultra-portable laptops with the attributes of a tablet and the performance of a  PC.

As part of his keynote, Martin Fink further reinforced the Itanium  commitment from HP when he demonstrated a running Poulson prototype system (on  target for delivery in 2012), along with announcing the availability of Virtual  Partitions on the entire Integrity portfolio.  Of course, the big news in Martin’s keynote was the official HP letter to  Oracle threatening legal action regarding Oracle’s decision to end  Itanium support, followed by the more recent decision to file the lawsuit.

Finally, in order to avoid any post show letdown, HP waited  until the Monday after Discover to announce the latest round of corporate  reshuffling, which implemented many of the changes that were first rumored  around the time of the annual HP shareholder  meeting in March.

Last but not least, the break snacks at HP Discover were awesome, with  more healthy choices than I’ve ever seen in Las Vegas or anywhere!