HPC & Cloud Computing – The Wandering Geek in Vegas: “Futura” and Bad Sushi

So we're in Las Vegas for The Autodesk One Team Conference.  I had great conversations with lots of people in this industry.  The conversations with Autodesk folks about their vision of "Suites" (with every possible pun on that word used).. was really rewarding to hear.  Intel Workstations make the suite experience.. satisfying.. we demonstrated some technology previews of our HD Graphics P3000 capability.  Our team showed a great demo of autocad and inventor running in multiple screens using a next generation Xeon based entry level workstation.  It looked great.. the team here was rather proud.

We also discussed visions for cloud computing with people.  People see a future of cloud computing in technical compute.  An ongoing issue for the industry.

In what seems like a digression .. but isnt... I had sushi at a restaurant here where the chef tried to mix peruvian and japanese concept.. The original intent of each dish was lost.. and what we got with muddled and unpleasant... by the well intended mixing of ideas.... combination and editing.. doesnt always return a positive result.

So I went to see a great play in portland called "Futura" about a future of cloud computing gone very wrong.  In this vision,in the future... not only has paper been eliminated (along with pencils and pens and all books.. gone are the paper editions of tolstoy and twain).. but the control of content... has been centralized.  The "corporation" in the spirit of political correctness edit the great works of literary history (like recently happened to huck finn) to match the whims and will of its leaders.  Some great works simply become unavailable.

The Intel Cloud 2015 vision of federated automated and secure cloud computing is great.  but fidelity needs to show up someplace.  In a world of blogs and mashups.. our nuevo content chefs enable content to be seen and modify  leaving open the possibility that the original huck finn will be lost to us...  maybe not a big loss perhaps..  but certainly a moment to give us pause.

Is that a bad taste in my mouth?