HPC Hardware and Software Innovation Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to high performance computing (HPC), innovation in hardware requires innovation in software. The ever-increasing complexity in systems requires software that makes deploying and operating HPC clusters easier and more efficient. We need software tools that reduce the integration and validation effort required to run HPC software stacks and that simplify system installation, management, and ongoing maintenance.

That’s why I’m so excited about Intel® HPC Orchestrator, Intel’s distribution of the OpenHPC open source community effort. As the software component of the Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) Intel® HPC Orchestrator is a family of products that includes everything necessary to install, manage, validate and maintain HPC clusters of all sizes. It’s a common toolset that HPC system builders, application developers and end users can put to work to gain efficiencies in the setup and management of systems, enable testing at scale, and simplify deployment for users.

And now for the news: Intel® HPC Orchestrator is now officially moving out of the lab and into the hands of users. The platform is making its formal debut this week at the SC16 Conference in Salt Lake City and is available for end customer deployments. Backed by Intel support, this product simplifies the installation and operation of HPC systems so that more organizations can realize the benefits of HPC to enable new discoveries, gain competitive insights and get products and services to market faster than ever before.

New Orchestrator Technologies

 The first release of the Intel® HPC Orchestrator family, Intel® HPC Orchestrator – Advanced, addresses application compatibility and provides a customizable configuration built to deliver performance, scalability, and ease-of-use. This is a good choice for the Top500 technical and commercial HPC users.

Looking ahead, the Intel HPC Platform Software Engineering Team is working hard to make additional Turnkey offerings available. These SKUs will be optimized for other use cases:

  • Intel® HPC Orchestrator – Custom is designed to address the leading-edge requirements of the world’s most scalable systems. This distribution is ideal for the Top50 and other high-end HPC users.
  • Intel® HPC Orchestrator – Advanced addresses application compatibility and provides a customizable configuration built to deliver performance, scalability, and ease-of-use. This is a good choice for the Top500 technical and commercial HPC users.
  • Intel® HPC Orchestrator - Turnkey addresses new HPC users who value a turnkey deployment and management experience. This offering is optimal for HPC ISVs, SIs and customers seeking a turnkey experience.

HPC and Beyond

While “HPC” is embedded in the name of the product family, it’s important to note that the Intel® HPC Orchestrator value is broader than the HPC community.  It’s a platform that can be leveraged for many emerging workloads, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, high-performance data analysis, and autonomous driving.

HPC Orchestrator Stack

Ready for a Fast Ride?

In my conversations with HPC systems builders and application developers, what emerges as a common thread is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the realization of a common platform, such as Intel® HPC Orchestrator. People have been longing for a platform that reduces the amount of integration and validation effort required for an HPC system software stack, and that simplifies the installation, management, and ongoing maintenance of HPC systems, as well as enhances the ability to test applications against a common set of interfaces.

There is truly a lot of pent-up demand in the ecosystem. And now it’s exciting that the day we’ve all been waiting for is here. At Intel, we are proud of the progress we’ve made in this ground breaking journey to deliver Intel® HPC Orchestrator—so get ready for a fast ride into the future of HPC.

To learn more about Intel® HPC Orchestrator, and tune into what the analysts are saying about the need for a platform like this, visit our Intel® HPC Orchestrator site.


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Figen Ulgen

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Figen Ülgen, Ph.D., is General Manager of the Rack Scale Design Group within the Datacenter Group at Intel Corporation. Ülgen oversees solutions roadmap, solutions enablement as well as operations, support and ecosystem and partnership strategy for Rack Scale Design. Ülgen joined Intel in 2014, where she led as General Manager for HPC Software and Cloud developing and promoting HPC Platform Software technologies for the HPC ecosystem. She founded the award-winning OpenHPC Community under Linux Foundation with a group of ecosystem partners to democratize HPC. During her time with the HPC Software and Cloud, the team shipped Intel® HPC Orchestrator, a fully supported production quality software product in less than 18 months—concept to General Availability. Prior to that, she was a Senior Director with Microsoft for over a decade in various leadership roles in Data Science, Azure Public Cloud, and HPC teams. Her 20-year industry experience includes technology innovation, competitive strategy, software product planning and management, as well as driving change across large organizations. Before Microsoft, Ülgen worked at McKinsey & Co., Motorola and at Justsystem Corporation in Japan. With a passion for serving underprivileged youth and women in the technology field, Ülgen sits on the Saturday Academy Board of Directors and is regularly invited to speak on behalf of women in technology. Ülgen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Expert Systems under a Fulbright Scholarship and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning under the Japanese Government Ministry of Education Scholarship. Ülgen holds two U.S. patents.