I went convertible – have you?

Last week I was talking to my wife about her 2 year old laptop as she likes to remind me how slow it runs. I picked it up (it's a super heavy laptop) and realized after spending 20 mins working on it that it was so out of date it was slowing her down.  I went to work the next day, remembering what I saw at TechED and pulled the trigger on a new laptop for her.  I was thinking what could make it both faster and cooler to carry in her job.   While mobility is key, having something that has multiple function would be great, and then boom I thought what if I just get her a new Lenovo Yoga 2 (consumer version) that is pretty close to what I showed at TechEd. So.. I did and let's just say that we are both excited for the new convertible to arrive this week. So how does this relate to Migration Monday? Well...Today's a good day to start thinking about migrating to new HW/OS and leverage the new capabilities for your business and your customers.

Here's a quick update on our activities. Over the last two months the team at SMBNation has been on the road visiting cities around the world and showcasing our Modern hardware with a Modern OS (http://moderntour.smbnation.com/resources/). One thing we decided as a team is that we would start a webinar series in June to talk more about the new platforms and help educate. Please check back for more information

Happy Monday

Josh H