IBM Impact 2014: Intel and IBM Team up for the Internet of Things

Back when the concept of Big Data was young, it described the reams of data kicked up by social media and the Internet in general. But Big Data keeps evolving, and at IBM Impact 2014, we will focus on a new horizon for data management and analytics: the Internet of Things, where Big Data, the cloud, and new forms of data management and analytics meet up to deliver business intelligence.

Today’s big data is bigger than ever: the Internet of Things encompasses sensor data, machine data, and device-to-device communication to create a tidal wave of data that pushes the boundaries of current technologies to store, analyze, and make sense of it. For example, in an average airplane there are more than 50,000 sensors. These sensors create between 5 to 6 petabytes of data per flight. Consider the number of flights per day around the world and you begin to get an idea of the volume of data generated each day by the Internet of Things (#IoT).

We’re just now putting in place the tools to unlock the information and intelligence in these massive data flows. Intel and IBM are working together to leverage the explosion in data volume and mine it for knowledge that can support business decisions, build customer loyalty and reveal patterns and relationships to revolutionize our understanding in such areas as healthcare, national security, and climate change.  Specifically, Intel brings to the table leadership performance on IBM WebSphere Application Server* with Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® SSDs & NICs. Also, our Intel® Gateway IoT appliance team has partnered with the IBM Cloud team. One specific demo will highlight #IoT on a custom collectible car!

Intel is proud to sponsor IBM IMPACT 2014 and I encourage you to attend the following breakout sessions led by Intel and IBM industry technologists, along with our Internet of Things demonstrations in the EXPO. Each of our sessions will include a drawing to win an Intel® Solid-State Drive!

Please seek me out at the conference as I tweet man-on-the-street impressions so we can exchange tweets, MTs & RTs. Follow me and the Big Data community for Intel at @TimIntel and @Intel IT Center.

I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

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Tim Allen

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Tim is a strategic relationship manager for Intel driving enablement for enterprise software companies related to the cloud, big data, analytics, AEC, commercial VR, datacenter, and IoT. Tim has 20+ years of industry experience including work as a systems analyst, developer, system administrator, enterprise systems trainer, product marketing engineer, and marketing program manager. Prior to Intel Tim worked at IBM, Tektronix, Intersolv, Sequent and Con-Way Logistics. Tim holds a BSEE in computer engineering from BYU and an MBA in finance from the University of Portland. Specialties include - PMP, MCSE, CNA, HP-UX, AIX, Shell, Perl, C++