#IDF13 Day One Started With Big Announcements From Intel


Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, got things off to a bang today at IDF13 in San Francisco stating that Intel has the right technology and products to power everything from tiny wearable devices to enormous supercomputers. ‘Our strategy is very simple,’ Krzanich said. ‘Our plan is to lead in every segment of computing- servers, PCs, tablets, phones and beyond.’

While some of the products Intel announced were expected, there were a couple surprises. These included a smartphone powered by a 22nm ‘Silvermont’ Atom chip the and first working laptop running on a 14nm ‘Broadwell’ Core processor. Intel also announced a new Quark processor family, which is even smaller and uses less power than Atom, designed for wearable devices and ‘The Internet of Things.’

Krzanich didn’t provide any info on Bay Trail, details of which should be announced tomorrow, he said that Intel’s chips were already showing up in tablets, demonstrating a Lenovo tablet to prove the point. He said the ability for Intel’s customer to choose between Atom and Core, and between Windows 8 and Android would give the company an edge in tablets. ‘It’s not just one tablet,’ he said adding that numerous tablets would be available at prices starting at under $100 this holiday season.

Renee James later took center stage stating that ‘our chips are built on atoms’ and reminded attendees of Intel’s 45 years of leadership and innovation. James believes that Intel will help society transform to what she calls ‘integrated computing,’ where users move away from worrying about the form factor of computing toward using technology to save lives and solve big problems. James gave a quick review of some Intel history, reminding attendees that ‘Moore’s Law’ remains alive and well. James showcased wearable devices powered by Intel that have benefited the healthcare industry and suggested that Intel has explored the possibility of ‘ingestable’ technologies.

Tuesday was an explosion of new products and new direction from Intel, tomorrow promises to pack even more fireworks, don’t miss the show. Follow all the action at @IntelITS and use #IDF13 to join in the conversation.