#IDF13 Day Two: Intel is Accelerating Mobility

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Day two at #IDF13 delivered on the promise of being bigger than ever. Intel demonstrated their commitment to technology with several big announcements. Possibly the most exciting was Intel’s official release of Bay Trail.

Buckle up, power on, and prepare to go light speed with more performance than you ever dreamed possible. Intel is accelerating mobility with the new Bay Trail chip, offering superior value to IT managers. Here are four reasons

4 Reasons To Get Excited About Intel Tablets

With Bay Trail and the number of new innovations Intel is bringing to the mobile party, consumers can expect some exciting benefits.

  1. Battery Life - Imagine flying from LA to New York (and then back again) without ever having to plug in. In fact, you’ll have plenty of juice left over before needing to find an outlet. Intel’s new low-power processors offer up to 3x more battery life than previous iterations, giving users an entire work day of battery life.
  2. Sleeker, Slimmer Designs - Look for advancements in laptops, Ultrabooks, all-in-ones (AOI) and 2-in-1s that can run on either Android or Windows. They are thinner, lighter and more adaptable for personal and business users.
  3. All Day Efficiency - Tablets that can, literally, give you PC performance in the palm of your hand. Expect swifter web browsing, slicker app engagement and intuitive multitasking.
  4. Increased Security – Lower power, high-performance processor are designed to deliver even more robust security.

Human needs and desires are what ultimately inspire new, successful technologies. These new Intel innovation are bringing new levels of performance to the world of mobility computing. So strap in; get ready. The future is happening now.